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Tips for packing light for your summer vacation

Updated: May 13

Try traveling light this summer - whether for a week or an entire month! My packing light list

is doable for a 3-4 week trip with just a 15”-18” rollaboard suitcase and a small backpack or tote. Really! (Contact me at for a free copy of my packing list.)

You will love the portability and flexibility of traveling with less - not struggling to squeeze your heavy 22” bag in the overhead while passengers are waiting in the aisles rolling their eyes; men pushing luggage carts, stopping to ask you if you would show their wives how to pack (No, no, not unless THEY ask!) But once you have tried traveling light, you may never want to go back to your big suitcase.

A few tips to maximize your traveling light experience:

  • Wear comfortable travel clothes on the plane, ideally, a long-sleeved shirt and long pants which take up more space in your suitcase.

  • Carry your sweater on the plane to ward off the chill, double as a blanket, and save having to pack it.

  • Wear your bulkier shoes (boots or athletic shoes) on the plane.

  • A packable jacket takes up little space and helps keep you dry in inclement weather.

  • Build your wardrobe around a base color, for example, black or navy. Add colors and patterns that coordinate with your base color.

  • Be creative, many of the items you pack can do double duty: a scarf can be an evening wrap or a sarong for the pool; flip flops can replace slippers; and a sweater can replace a bulky robe.

  • Travel or “trial” size toiletries less than 3.4 oz fit into a one-quart size bag.

  • Keep your identification and other important travel documents with you all all times.

  • Everything else can go into your suitcase and small personal bag!

Now, enjoy your trip - the journey as well as the destination!

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